Nicholson Scholarship Award Winners


 2012 Winner -- Priscilla Pimienta





2011 Winner -- Christian Garcia





2010 Winner -- Chloe Newell




2009 Winner -- Nico Dougall

            The Tucson Soccer Academy is proud to announce that Niko Dougall is the 2009-10 recipient of the Nicholson Scholarship Award.

            “Niko Dougall is a natural leader who leads by example in every facet of his life,’’ said coach Jeff Rogers, “and there has never been a more deserving recipient of this award.  Niko epitomizes what we all strive to instill in our players on and off the field. It includes: responsibility, discipline, respect, and a work ethic that is second to none.’’

            Dougall is a captain for the TSA 92 Boys Red team and an excellent student at Salpointe Catholic High School.

            “He’s the prototype for what we want in the league,’’ said Charlie Kendrick. “He’s hard-working and respectful. He wants to make the most of the environment that’s put in front of him. He’s the model type of kid for this.’’

            The Nicholson Scholarship is named after Mike Nicholson, the late husband of TSA board member Cathy Nicholson. Mike passed away a couple of years ago and was a long-time supporter of TSA. The scholarship is chosen by the league coaches.

            Past winners include Daniel Polanco and Minh Vu.



2008 Winner -- Minh Vu

TSA President Ebie Aldaghi - Khuyen, Maria & Minh Vu - Cathy Nicholson - Coach Wolfgang Weber





2007 Winner -- Kaity Ingram




2006 Winner -- Daniel Polanco