Recreational Registration

To register for a recreational team: 

  1. Select "Recreational U6-U8, U9-U11 or U12-U18" from the online registration menu (link, left).
  2. After teams are formed, coaches will receive auto-filled TSA Membership forms to distribute to team parents.
  3. Coaches collect the following from their team:
    1. TSA membership forms (no need to notarize)
    2. Copies of birth certificates from new players to TSA
  4. Coaches mail or drop off copies of above paperwork and administration forms (links below) to:
              Tucson Soccer Academy
                 5425 N. Via Frassino
                 Tucson, AZ 85750

Administration Forms: Admin Registration and Disclosure Form.

Contact Kim Kenworthy for more information: (520)991-2118.