Y Academy Mission Statement

The Youth Academy, Y Academy for short, is a simple concept aimed at solidifying the foundations of the classic soccer family by providing their young children with an early, expert and fun introduction to the beautiful game of soccer.


The Y Academy will be available to 100 children, divisions U-6 – U-0, for early grooming in the special techniques and artistry of the game of soccer. It is our firm belief, supported by world-wide precedents of exceptional players, that the soccer love affair between a child and his soccer ball MUST start early if it is to have any significant impact on the child’s soccer experience and future development.

As with all our academy teams, the Y Academy is for families who are interested in giving their little ones a realistic and timely opportunity to excel in the sport, while simultaneously having fun. While we emphasize the need to start early, we also recognize the importance that the soccer education rendered is appropriate and tailored to the developmental needs of the child’s age category. With that in mind, we have enlisted the expertise of our very best coaches from our extensive pool of highly qualified and experienced coaches, to prepare and run the Academy sessions on a rotational basis.

The coaching philosophy for the Y Academy is “ Pre-formation” training; which ensures that the player, at a formative age, is presented with the right soccer information and training before bad habits, and inexperienced coaching set in. Specifically, the pre-formation training will consist of teaching, first and often, the individual techniques and comfort on the ball that will enable a young player to keep ahead of the curve. It is our collective experience that a young player cannot excel in soccer unless he/she can completely master and dominate the ball. To gain that mastery, it is crucial to start early.

It is also our intention to recreate the “street soccer” credential (which, in the distant past, was the championed way for kids to hone their individual skills) by providing a safe, fun and culturally relevant environment that encourages more spontaneity and freedom of expression with the ball. Simply put, your child will love going to soccer practice!

The Y Academy will be supervised by Youth Director Becky Barry.  She has put together a wonderful program for this Academy in line with our excellent and long-held principles. The entire academy is very proud and excited about the future of this enterprise.



Michael Emenalo
Former Director of Player Development
Tucson Soccer Academy

Assistant Coach, Chelsea FC