Online Check-in Instructions

Online Check-in Instructions




  • Deadline: Friday September 10th, 2021 by 10:00 PM NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Teams that complete online registration will receive a Confirmation Email by Wednesday Sept 15th 2021 at 10:00 p.m. Confirmation Email will be sent to the email address listed as “Primary Contact” for this specific event. Please do not send individual inquiries prior to the deadline.
  • Online registration documents must include:
    • State/Club Approved Roster (USYSA or US Club)
    • Current Player Cards to match roster uploaded
    • Team Info Sheet (Click Here)
    • Permission to Travel (Non AZ /USYSA teams)

Directions to Complete Online Check-In:

  • Fill out and save the forms above to a PDF.
  • Submission process:
    • SCAN each document.
    • SAVE each document type as an individual PDF as they will be uploaded separately.
      • Please use descriptive titles so you will know which files to upload.
      • Please upload all player cards as one PDF document.
    • UPLOAD the documents to GotSoccer
      • Log in to your team’s GotSoccer page with your username and password.
      • Select Tournament name.
      • Select the “Documents” tab.
      • Select the labels from the drop-down list in the “Team Document Upload” box and upload the appropriate files.

Commonly Asked Questions

ROSTER UPDATES (If applicable):

Must notify Tournament Directors via email at After confirmation of your initial check-in, your roster is locked and you will need to contact the Tournament Directors to confirm your updated roster.

How do I add a guest player?

Step 1: OBTAIN the guest player’s card and medical release form.

Step 2: ADD the guest player to your official Roster (USYSA or US Club), and Tournament Roster; unique jersey number, player identification number, and date of birth to the existing approved rosters.

Step 3: SCAN and COMBINE into a PDF document

Step 4: Obtain the guest player form from your State or US Club loan for and upload

Can I have different player passes from different organizations?

Mixed rosters will NOT be allowed. Teams can only check in using all US Club passes/roster, or all USYSA Passes/Roster.

How do I add a guest player after I submitted my online registration?

Contact the Tournament Directors via email at to add guest players online. You will need to upload an updated roster(s) with the guest player’s information on it (jersey #, name, birth date, player ID #) and upload their player card (either separately or with the rest). An email should be sent to when this has been completed.

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