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ANNOUNCING ScoutingZone as FC Tucson’s Official Recruiting Partner

Welcome to ScoutingZone – our official recruiting partner! ScoutingZone is a natural fit for our recruiting needs as a club. They are the most widely utilized scouting/recruiting platform by college soccer coaches across the country, with over 2000+ scouts using SZ to recruit. With this partnership, we are excited to bring you the most simplified and direct form of recruiting guidance and visibility to college coaches.

Your first step in this partnership is to create profiles. Managers, if your teams are not already registered with ScoutingZone – please follow the instructions below to get your teams in the system, your players registered and profiles current and up to date. They will each be provided with a personalized weblink to share and communicate with college coaches.

TEAM MANAGERS – follow the instructions below

New to ScoutingZone?

  • Go to and click REGISTER, then MANAGER.
  • Fill in required fields and obtain Team ID# (Write down your Team ID)
  • You will receive an email confirmation with instructions to forward to your players (check your spam folder if you don’t see it right away)
  • Players will then register themselves with your Team ID by following the instructions you forwarded to them.
    • Login to your manager account to see which players have registered
    • As players register they will automatically populate onto your core roster

Team already registered in ScoutingZone?

  • Go to and login
  • Ensure your core roster is accurate
    • “Remove” players no longer on your team (they will not be removed from system, just from your roster)
    • Pass your SZ Team Code to any players missing from your roster
    • Or players with existing SZ profiles need to “EDIT” their SZ team code and change it to your SZ team code. This will automatically remove them from their old team and add them to your team/roster
  • Ensure your GotSoccer ID is accurate (due to changes with birth years)
  • Need help? Email:

PDF Team Brochure Handouts

  • Login to your SZ manager account
  • Choose “Purchase Printable Roster” for your Core Roster or for any Tournament Roster you want to be able to handout team brochures at.
  • See Roberto Garcia for promo code.

ScoutingZone is ready to help if you have any questions!

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