FC Tucson Placements

Placement Information

FC Tucson Families,
We would like to inform you of the notification process for the FC Tucson 2024/25 Placements:
Here is what you can expect during, and immediately after, the Placements process:

● Placements – First Session: coaching staff will meet with all players at the end of the
session and introduce themselves
● Placements – Second Session: coaching staff will meet with all parents at the end of
the session. They will introduce themselves and remind everyone of the notification
process below:
● Following Last Placements Session
○ Within 48 hours, every player in the age group will receive an email notifying
them of which team they have been placed on. Please make sure to respond to
this email ASAP confirming your acceptance status and ability to commit to the

○ In order to secure a roster spot, you must accept this invitation within 24 hours
of receipt. Please respect this timeline as it impacts many decisions such as
hiring staff, other players’ placements, and forming the appropriate number of
teams. It also secures your spot on the roster.

○ Within 48 hours of receiving the first email, families will receive a second
email containing information on team meeting date, time, location and more
team-specific details

We are notifying families through email to expedite the process and inform players of their
placement status as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the notification process,
please feel free to reach out!

Respectfully, FC Tucson Staff


Contact for more information.

Boys Director of Coaching:

Dave Cosgrove: dcosgrove@fctucsonyouth.com 

Mike Corbus: mcorbus@fctucsonyouth.com

Girls Director of Coaching:

Paul Nagy: pnagy@fctucsonyouth.com 



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