Robles 31

Robles 31

TSA Alumn, New York Redbulls, USA National Team

In honor of Luis Robles, the only TSA player to appear for the US National team, one TSA Goalkeeper uniform on each team will be numbered 31 from now on. This is to recognize not only a superior player but also a fantastic role model.

As a TSA player, Luis drove up from Sierra Vista 3 times a week to train with the Tucson United/TSA 84 team for 5 years. After high school, Luis attended Portland University where he red-shirted his freshman year and then was a 4-year starter. Upon completing his degree, Luis signed and played in Germany for Kaiserslautern and Karlsruher

from 2007 to 2012. In August of 2012, Luis signed and has been with the New York Red Bulls as the starting goalkeeper. Luis, as a MLS player, has embraced his role as a team leader, community leader, and role model, and he is currently one of the main public figures representing the Red Bulls in media and community service events. Luis is the type of player, person, and role model we hope all professional athletes could be.

As of now, all new TSA goalkeeper uniforms, one per team, made by Nike, will have the #31

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