FC Tucson Scholarship Program

FC Tucson Scholarship Program

No player should be denied the opportunity to play because of financial need.


FC Tucson Youth Soccer Club (FCTY) seeks to provide every committed player an opportunity to participate in our program. Financial assistance is allocated based on need. We regret that we are only able to provide financial assistance to the neediest families. Those receiving assistance will see a reduction in their monthly coaching fees. There is also a smaller number of very needy applicants who will receive a reduction in their registration fee. Families are responsible for other miscellaneous team expenses. Scholarship assistance is awarded for only one playing season (i.e. 2019-2020) at a time. Please read all instructions carefully before completing the application.


  • Application & financial need based on the last year’s tax returns
  • Compliance with previous FCTY obligations
  • The number of children in that family who are in FCTY programs
  • Level of involvement of applicant in youth soccer and loyalty to FCTY
  • Level of involvement of applicant’s family (parents, siblings) in FCTY & Level of involvement in extracurricular activities (school, community)
  • Attempts made by team to fund the player
  • Additional fundraising efforts on the player’s behalf

** Note: All applications are evaluated without regard to gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.


  • FCTY Player Scholarship Application
  • FCTY Financial Assistance Application
  • 2018 Federal Income Tax Return and all related schedules, for all family members residing with the applicant and/or all guardians or family members providing financial support to the applicant. In some cases, additional documentation (e.g., other tax forms, W-2’s, etc.) may also be required for FCTY to make a determination of the family’s financial status.

** Note: For families with multiple children in FCTY, only one copy of the Federal Income Tax Return is required.


The Arizona Soccer Association’s (ASA) MaxInMotion scholarship program offers assistance to needy families. This financial assistance is intended to cover a portion of the other necessary expenses associated with playing youth soccer aside from coaching fees.

** TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR A FCTYSC SCHOLARSHIP IN 2019-2020, APPLICANTS MUST ALSO APPLY FOR THE MaxInMotion SCHOLARSHIP. In 2018, applications for this scholarship became available on July 6, 2018 with a July 31 deadline for completed applications to be submitted. MaxInMotion requires all applicants to submit a copy of their entire previous year’s tax return. While MaxInMotion scholarship applications are completed on line, a printed copy of your Federal Income Tax Return must be submitted to the FCTY Scholarship Program Coordinator, preferably with your FCTY scholarship application. Note that the MaxinMotion program does have a minimum grade point average requirement.

After reviewing these documents, FCTY will pass them along to ASA’s scholarship coordinator. These tax documents will be destroyed once the application process is completed. MaxInMotion scholarship awards are applied against registration fees. Families with multiple children in FCTYSC should submit separate applications for each child. However, only one copy of the tax return is required from families with multiple children in FCTY. Notification of MaxInMotion scholarship award amounts usually comes in early September.

**All forms must be submitted and filled out completely or your application will not be processed.

Max in Motion application process


All information included on the applications will be held in the strictest confidence. Only FCTY Scholarship Program Coordinator Charlie MacCabe and his support staff will review the applications.


The application deadline is July 1, 2019.

  • Applications may be emailed, mailed, or delivered in person.
  • Emailed applications must be submitted as PDF files.
  • Do not photograph your application pages and then email them in that format.   Do not attempt to fax applications.
  • A hard (printed) copy of your entire 2018 federal income tax return must accompany your application.  This copy of your tax return will also be used to meet the MaxInMotion Scholarship’s requirement (see above).  You will also have to complete the on-line MaxInMotion Scholarship application prior to the deadline.
  • All mailed applications must be postmarked by July 1, 2019.  Applications received after that date will only be considered if funds remain available in the FCTY Scholarship Fund.
  • Any application received after July 1 will have a 20% reduction in the award.  
  • Any application received after August 1 will have a 40% reduction in the award.
  • Scholarship application forms are available in Spanish.

**Note: Players new to FCTY who join teams after July 1 will be considered for financial assistance without penalty if scholarship funds remain available.


  • All complete applications are processed in a timely fashion. Applicants who submit all their materials by July 1, 2019 will be notified by email of their award in a letter no later than August 1, 2019.
  • These notifications will include a scholarship award letter that must be signed and returned to Scholarship Program Coordinator Charlie MacCabe (see below). Once this acceptance letter is received by FCTY, the Club treasurer, team coach, and team treasurer will be notified of the scholarship amount awarded to that player. Scholarship awards do not go into effect until the signed award letter has been received by the scholarship coordinator.


  • Returning FCTY players must be in good financial standing with FCTY and have demonstrated a consistently high level of commitment, responsibility, and citizenship to their team(s).  
  • New and returning players must complete ALL the required forms.  
  • All recipients have specific compliance obligations – SEE BELOW
  • Scholarship players are also required to participate in all team fundraisers.  
  • Families are required to notify the scholarship program coordinator if their financial situation changes during the playing season in a way that would have an impact on scholarship award.
  • Failure to meet these obligations will result in the suspension or termination of FCTY scholarship assistance.


All scholarship players or their parents/guardians must assist with the FCTY Fall Event or the FCTY

Strikers Cup Tournament. For 2019-20, all scholarship players with last names beginning with A-L will assist with the Fall Event, and those with last names beginning with M-Z will assist with the Strikers Cup Tournament.

Those families assisting with the Fall Event must contact Volunteer Coordinator Brandi Alvarez (fctucsonfallfestival@gmail.com/520-869-3503) at least 10 day prior to that event to arrange your volunteer task.

Those families assisting with the Strikers Cup Tournament must attend a mandatory meeting approximately two weeks prior to the Tournament where you will be assigned your volunteer task.

Field marshal assistance at the Tournament is expected from ALL FCTY families and does NOT constitute fulfillment of scholarship compliance obligations.

Scholarship recipients who fail fulfill their volunteer obligations will have their scholarship aid immediately suspended. Suspended scholarships may be reinstated, with the 20% penalty, by providing some service to FCTY at the discretion of the scholarship coordinator.


It is the responsibility of team treasurers to closely monitor the payment of coaching fees by all players, including those on scholarship. Most scholarship players will still be required to pay some portion of their coaching fees each month. Any players who are more than 30 days behind in their coaching fees should be brought to the attention of the head coach of that team immediately. Team treasurers are strongly encouraged to establish regular communication with the scholarship families on their team. Special payment schedules are sometimes necessary for these families to meet their financial obligations to FCTYSC. Any issues of this nature should be discussed with the team head coach as soon as they arise.


Completed forms and copies of the 2018 Federal Income Tax Return should be mailed, delivered, or emailed to the scholarship program coordinator:

Charlie MacCabe

7920 E. Birwood Rd.Tucson, AZ 85750

Mobile: (520) 405-6535

Home: (520) 731-8115


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